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Here's where you can book a space for the new COVID secure gatherings physically taking place in the house.

When you book in below, if you are a family group of 2, please indicate this by typing in the name of that person on the 'Notes' field of your booking.

If you have more than 2 people attending or someone is joining you who isn't part of your family or social bubble, please make another booking if there are showing available.


Under guidelines we will keep your booking details for 21 days to cover track and trace requirements. We will continue to ask you to comply with sanitising and distancing measures. We are aware that some people are taking lateral flow tests as part of work and education life. We strongly encourage this to increase the safety of you and others.  You can arrive or leave at anytime during the booked session but no-one else will be able to take your place once you have left.


The prayer room will be quite stripped back with no singing from guests permitted. Please bring your own bible, notebook and drink as the kitchen will also be closed for the time being. There will be one toilet available if needed, but we recommend you paying a visit at home before you come if you can!  We are sorry that under current guidelines we aren't allowed to socialise so you will be asked to leave soon after the gathering is over.

Please excuse the 'choose a class' heading, we are just trying out  some free software. On booking you will receive an instant confirmation on the page followed by an email. Please note: If you need to cancel your booking, email us at with as much notice as possible.  Alternatively leave a message on 01782 827238 (Not always manned during COVID)


We look forward to seeing you!

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