Covering your city in prayer:

During unparalleled times of uncertainty across the globe we would like to invite you to engage in raising a canopy of prayer for as many hours a day as is possible. We're using the 24/7 Prayer online calendar which should be easy for you to use. Click any day and time. If you can take an empty slot that would give us greater cover, but if not, just go ahead and click what works for you and follow the instructions. You can cancel and reschedule at any time and you will receive an automated email reminding you of your bookings.

Whilst there are other national and global initiatives

available, we felt it important to take responsibility for our own

City right now, as well as praying wider for the nation and the

nations and thought you might like to join in. Go ahead and start

booking times. Maybe even think about a particular day and time

a week and start a pattern for yourself? However you can engage,

we'd love you to be a part of raising the canopy together.

(Please create a log in account on your first use of the calendar,

this will enable you to cancel/change booking, you may need to

refresh this page once you've made your account)

An encouragement to pray!
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