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A guide round the house

the resource room



the breakthrough room





a low lighting space to absorb God's word, browse the bookshelves, let truth sink in, watch inspirational dvds and let His Spirit speak into your heart

a simple space to go deeper with God, realise His destiny for you, and close the door to intercede over the things He catches your heart with.

a walk of faith praying for breakthrough; global - stand before the huge world map and pray over the nations; local focus on the different gates of city life, images and words that provoke you to pray, a kingdom vision of change as you use your creativity or simply cry out to God

A creative prayer plaza with different zones to stimulate your prayer journey, listen toworship music, kneel in confession before the cross, sit in silence in the hermitage,declare God's purposes for the church, use your artistic talent, lie in the river of God, surf the web for prayer sites, or just sit in His awesome presence

the basement

the God chasers room

the ground floor worship & prayer room

the house of prayer

Weekday lunchtime gatherings are often held here, there are also facilities to play worship on CDs or stream live worship from sites such as ibethelTV and IHOP

It really is a house! - situated on the High Street, very accessible from the major city bypass and from the M6 Motorway

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