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The Beacon house of prayer is hosting 48 hours of prayer as part of the international ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ movement of prayer. Thousands of Christians are praying between Ascension and Pentecost for God’s renewing of the life of the church, and for people we know to come to faith in Jesus. God’s people will be lighting up the world in prayer.

​The churches of Stoke on Trent have had times of 24-7 style prayer over the years, and this is another great opportunity to bring a united push in prayer over Pentecost weekend. Many christians say how blessed they are to come to a 24-7 style prayer room and how they meet God during those times.

​The 48 hours will start with an hour of worship and prayer at 8am on Friday 17th May and end with a time of prayer and thanksgiving 7-8am on Sunday 19th May.

We are dividing the time into four hour slots during the daytime hours, and asking different churches to ‘adopt’ four hours in prayer, and bring people to pray at the Beacon. The hours will be 8am to 12 noon, 12 noon to 4pm, 4pm to 8pm and 8pm to 12 midnight, on both Friday and Saturday. The night time hours of 12 midnight to 8am each day will be individual sign up only, covered by the Beacon.

In addition the Beacon will take the Saturday 8am-12 noon slot, for our monthly breakfast and communion. So we are looking for seven churches to take up a four hour time of prayer each, using it however you wish.

​You can add adopt your time by clicking the image at the top of this page or you can click here

All the prayer rooms will be available, and there will be a handful of creative prayer spaces around the house set out with prayer themes for Thy Kingdom Come. There will be simple help yourself refreshments in the kitchen area.

​As a church leader can you please consider if you could join in these 48 hours of prayer and adopt one of the 4 hour slots? Please get back to me on Let us see what will happen in our churches and communities through a sustained time of prayer this Pentecost.


Many thanks

William Porter

(Leader of Beacon house of prayer and part of Connect advisory group)

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