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Come Closer

to Christ

"Come closer to Christ"....  a small booklet with a big potential


This is an invitation to go on a spiritual journey

For anyone searching for faith

For anyone interested in knowing more about Jesus

For anyone needing God’s help right now


We believe that anyone, from any walk of life, would benefit from coming

a step closer to Jesus Christ.


‘Come closer to Christ’ is a simple 8 step booklet exploring the person of Jesus


In it there are short bible readings, inspirational quotes, questions and brief prayers to pray. Beautifully designed and illustrated, this is a booklet to treasure.


The 8 steps of ‘Come closer to Christ’ are:

Admire his life

Ask for his help

Take on one of his teachings

Pray the Lord’s prayer

Try one of his promises

Copy his example

Think about his love and sacrifice

Open your heart to his presence


Suitable for churches or Christians to give to a friend, work colleague, neighbour or family member. Non threatening and easy to read, it will spark conversation and maybe lead to a discovery or rekindling of faith.


If you would like a booklet for yourself, please email us using the form on this page with contact details and we will send you a free copy.


If you would like to give one to someone, the cost is £1 per copy; again please email us for single or quantities to send out.


If you have read this booklet and found it helpful, please fill in the contact form on  this page and share your story with us

We hope you enjoy coming closer to Christ.


God bless, the Beacon HOP team

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