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If you can please come and pray at the house of prayer, with its beautiful prayer spaces; otherwise you can pray from home. The night hours from 10pm Friday to 8am Saturday will also be from homes. We will also lead four corporate prayer watches - times of focused worship and prayer at midday and 8pm each of the two days.

We have called these 40 hours 'Resolute - aligning ourselves with God's purposes in 2022'. We want to start the year by aligning our lives with his good plans and purposes for us, for praying that our city would experience his purposes of blessing and transformation, that our nation would be led in ways of his wisdom and righteousness, and that the nations of the world would each come into the fullness of God's redemptive purposes in this significant time in history.

Join us as we start the year with these 40 hours of prayer - 'resolute'. You can sign up for an hour right here , click a day/time and enter your details:


IMPORTANT- if you are praying from home and not at the House of Prayer, please add (Home) next to your name as you book in. Thankyou!

Some browsers may not load the window below: you can sign up directly by clicking here

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